Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our shop policies and examples of frequently asked questions which we hope will assist in answering any queries you may have. If they do not, please feel free to contact us direct. 


Orders are generally made to order and therefore please allow 5 days for delivery.

We do follow specially created recipes however, as our products are made in small batches, in a small kitchen and by hand, they may differ slightly between batches.

We can accept payment via Visa, Mastercard and Visa Debit through our website, handled by Stripe as our chosen payment gateway partner. You may also pay for your order via PayPal. We can also accept direct Bank Transfers.
We regret that we do not accept cheques or Postal Orders.

We will send you an invoice receipt via email after your order is received and will confirm once it has been shipped.


Our aim is to keep the costs of our products as low as possible to cover the cost of the ingredients, packaging and some for our time making them. This means we have to charge shipping fees, otherwise we would operate at a loss!

We try to keep these as low as possible, using business rates and are always happy to ship in batch to save costs.

Shipping usually takes 2 days, however outside of London may take a little longer. 

You are also welcome to collect your items from our address in Putney, London. 

We charge the standard UK 2 working days shipping rate but offer a higher next day rate also.

We can ship internationally but at an extra charge.


We offer free shipping for orders over £50.

Gift Packaging

We are always happy to gift wrap your items and can send them straight to the lucky recipient.

There are options on each items to add additional small gifts such as prosecco, chocolates etc. to make them even more of a treat.

We are also happy to include a hand written greetings cards, please just let us know what you would like written inside.

We wouldn't want to miss someone's special day so please do let us know when the package is required by. Please be aware of the delivery times as we make all items to order so next day delivery is very difficult. 


We are happy to accept returns and exchanges based on the below;

Contact us within: 5 days of delivery

Send items back within: 30 days of delivery

Buyers are responsible for return postage costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.


If you have any issues or questions with your order please contact

If the item arrives broken please send us a picture and we will replace it free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products tested on animals?

One of our company principles is that none of our products are tested on animals. So no products listed on our site were tested on animals nor do we use suppliers that test on animals.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

Our products are made with natural ingredients that are non-toxic and safe. In the case of pregnancy, we always recommend that you contact your doctor about the specific product and ingredient listing. While many natural ingredients are fine to use during pregnancy, there are some that should be avoided completely and others where usage should be kept below a certain amount. We provide the complete ingredient listing on the description page of each product.

I have an allergic reaction to a product

While all of our products are natural, some people may still have sensitivities to natural ingredients. In fact, many natural essential oils have allergen components that are listed at the bottom of the ingredients on the website. For example, some people may be allergic Geraniol which is the main constitent to rose essential oils. We recommend that you stop using the product immediately and see a doctor if the symptoms continue.

How do I use my candle in the best possible way?

The first time burning your candle you should let it burn until the wax is melting across the width of the candle, or up until 4 hours maximum. This should help to avoid 'tunnelling' in which some of the wax around the edges is not used. We recommend letting it burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time due to the temperature that the wax and glass will reach. This is purely from a safety point of view. The key to extending the life of your candle is to trim the wick. The more wick that is exposed the bigger the burn pool (the amount of liquid candle produced) and in turn the more wax will be burnt. Simply keeping your wick trimmed before lighting will give you extra hours of enjoyment.

What should I do if my items arrive in the post damaged?

Please take a picture a send to We will ship out a replacement as soon as possible, free of charge.

Can I stock your items in my own shop or website?

Absolutely! We love to make connections with other sellers. Please email

Is your packaging eco friendly?

We do our best to use recycled or recyclable packaging with our products wherever we can. This includes using card/paper, glass or tin instead of plastic where possible and recycling. For example, our soy candles in recycled pasta sauce jars. In some cases is it unavoidable to not use plastic, such as in or face sprays, however we hope that these will be reused and refilled. Unfortunately recycled packaging bought on mass is still very expensive and as a small business just starting out we have to be careful with costs to make the products viable. We hope to become completely eco friendly in the future!

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes, the majority of our products are suitable for Vegans with a couple of exceptions due to the use of ingredients such as Beeswax in or lip balms.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our Soaps have a shelf life of approx. 36 months and should be kept wrapped and out of direct sunlight. Our Candles have a shelf life of approx 36 months.
Our bottled and tinned products have a shelf life of approx. 12 months Our Face Scrubs have a shelf life of approx 6-8 months
Our Bath Bombs have a shelf life of approx. 12 months
Our Sugar Scrubs have a shelf life of approx. 12 months Please be aware that the longer you leave products the scent will start to fade.

Do you make custom products?

We are always up for a challenge and to try something new! Please email with your request and we will do our best to cater.

Are you products suitable for sensitive skin?

Due to our products using natural ingredients rather than chemicals they are more favourable towards sensitive skin. They do however contain essential oils, which although usually considered safe for sensitive skin, some can have irritant properties. Everyone is different and it is impossible to say whether products are suitable for everyone due to allergies.

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